Katrina Whitney (Manager) interviewed by Kristin Brandt 



Nate's is a family run restaurant, who all is involved?


My husband Micheal and I manage the shop and my dad Ernest is the owner, you'll often see my brother Nate

cooking up our mouth watering cheese steaks and burgers on the grill.




What kind of food can we expect to enjoy from Nate's?


We all saw a lack of fresh quality food in this genre and there was no sandwich shop that had a grill in Ogden so

we decided to fill that niche. Our bread comes from Philadelphia and we serve it warm from the oven.

Our meat is not frozen and we also cook our own roast beef.




The decor is beautiful, what inspired the look?


My degree is in art soI custom made the art work for the shop. I also love interior design, so my dad let me design the whole thing from the furniture and colors down to the logo. I wanted a bright, modern inviting place to hang out in,

with a rustic industrial flair.




How did you select the location?


We wanted to stay within the city of Ogden since we all live here now and decided that central Ogden would be the

best so people can easily get to us fromeither direction.The things that sold us on the location was that it was on the

corner so it has great exposure, lots of natural light and a big parking lot inthe back. The architecture is also very mid

century and I could see that it had good bones and lots of room.




Ogden has been needing more vegetarian and healthy "fast" food options in town, what are

some other needs Nate's is filling?


For vegetarians, we offer an artichoke veggie hoagie as well as a yummy black bean based garden burgers

which is surprisingly juicy.We also have great tuna, turkey, and grilled chicken options

for those who are avoiding red meat.



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